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    Trouble in Rio

    Carl Weber has done it again! His newly-released novel, Trouble in Rio, will not disappoint readers, especially if they are fans of The Family Business novel series. As the title indicates, this novel focuses on Rio; however, this does not mean that readers will not read about other Duncan family members. If you have read other books in this series, then you know that the Duncans keep up with one another, and these books will not be complete without reading about the other family members.

    In this novel, Rio reveals how he feels about being a Duncan. He feels shunned because he thinks LC does not truly love him like he loves his siblings; this is because he is gay. Also, Kennedy, a character from a previous Family Business novel, confesses something to Rio right before he dies. It is this confession, and his desire to have his father's unconditional love that causes Rio to descend into a dismal abyss.

    Needing a change of scenery, Rio travels to Baltimore, Maryland. Once there, he meets his first friend, Diana, an aspiring fashion designer; then Corey and Dre, Baltimore's drug kingpins; Dre is also Kennedy's twin brother; Pierre, club owner of Oz; Tay, Corey's bodyguard; and Monica, Diana's sister. Be it large or small, these characters have something in common. Each one harbors his/her own secret.

    Rio is having a splendid time in Baltimore until he meets Dre. After having an awkward conversation with Rio, Dre becomes suspicious of him. He is convinced that Rio is in town because he wants to seize the drug operation, which Corey and Dre run, and this causes him to act strangely and become rather secretive around his friends. This is when the drama begins.

    • Will Rio find what he is seeking?

    • Will secrets be revealed?

    • Will Dre avenge Kennedy's death?

    There is only one way to find out the answers to these questions; read Trouble in Rio!!! #carlweber #thefamilybusiness #afamilybusinessnovel

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