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    Students Notice

    This morning, I was standing at my classroom door, like always, greeting my students and reading a book. One of my students came to me and said, “Do you have this book? Have you read it yet?” I told her no, not yet. She said, “Here. This is yours.” I was speechless. I gave her the biggest hug ever!!!

    I have talked to my students about the power of reading. I have shared with them the joy that reading brings me and how it has impacted my life in a positive manner. I also have made sure that I set an example with my reading. I tell my students about the current book that I am reading and why I liked or did not like it.

    When standing at my classroom door, my students always see me reading a book. It can be the same book, or it can be a different one. But one thing is for sure; I always have a book in my hands. Now, I am beginning to see more of my students reading books, so I am glad that I am practicing what I preach and that my message is not going unheard. #michelleobama #readabook #readforfun #setexamples #studentsnotice #begenuine