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    Liking Yourself and Loving Yourself

    Updated: Apr 8, 2019

    The Skin I'm In is a masterpiece. Sharon G. Flake explores sensitive issues that many students, even adults, deal with on a daily basis. Maleeka Madison, the protagonist, is in the 7th grade at McClenton Middle School. Unfortunately, she is having a rough time due to bullying, self-image/esteem, liking and loving herself, and puppy love. Charlese "Char" Jones, John-John McIntyre, and the twins and Char's flunkies, Raina and Raise, are Maleeka's bullies. They bully her because she has a dark skin complexion, and her mother sews her clothes, which Maleeka does not like because her mom is a novice seamstress, and it shows. Find out how Maleeka deals with these matters and if she overcomes them. This is a must read! #likingyourself #lovingyourself #theskinimin

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