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    • forever reading

    An Irish Tale

    Captured by the title and the cover, this book seemed interesting to me. But after I read the description, I checked it out at the library. Upon receiving this book, I immediately read it.

    Based on an Irish tale, a Kate Culhane: Ghost Story will make its readers cringe, think aloud, and think twice about being in a cemetery or eating oatmeal. When reading this Irish folklore, I instantly liked Kate Culhane because she is strong, mentally and physically. She proves this when she accidentally stumbles upon a ghost's grave.

    Before even revealing itself, this ghost quickly starts making demands. He orders Kate to do things such as open his grave, carry him to a house on her back, and get him items while in the house. As I read this, I said aloud, "He sure is a bossy ghost, and she needs to tell it to do these things himself." Remember, he is dead. However, I was really through with this demanding phantom when he orders Kate to eat the special oatmeal. I said, "He has lost his mind; I hope she passes on this meal!" Now, why he chooses to do what he does with the oatmeal is beyond disgusting.

    When it is time for Kate to carry this obnoxious spirit back to his grave, he inadvertently reveals two things that he should have kept to himself. Then he tries to make Kate keep these secrets by taking her to his grave with him. Will Kate lose this battle with the pushy ghost? Will she ever find happiness? What does the ghost do to the oatmeal? Read this story to find out.

    Book Recommendation For an adult, this book is a quick read. For a child, I definitely recommend read this story before letting him or her read it. #Irishfolklore #Irishtale #ghosts #graphicnovel

    Forever Reading's Rating = 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟